The Ambani Affair: A Wedding Where Opulence Met Wonder
Flair trick shakers

Get ready to step behind the velvet rope, because I’m about to take you on a journey into the heart of the most opulent wedding the world has ever seen – and reveal how Magic and Cocktails added a touch of enchantment that money alone couldn’t buy.

When Isha Ambani, daughter of India’s richest man, tied the knot, it wasn’t just a wedding; it was a week-long spectacle of extravagance. 100 million dollars bought private Rihanna concerts,  celebrity guests like Bill gates and Marck Zuckerberg, and a floral display that could rival the gardens of Versailles. Yet, amidst this breathtaking excess, it was Magic and Cocktails that added a touch of the truly extraordinary.

Our Journey: From Passion Project to Global Phenomenon

Let’s rewind. Magic and Cocktails was born from a simple idea:  Events should be more than just drinks and playlists. They should be immersive, ignite conversation, and create memories that etch themselves into the soul.

We started small- local parties, corporate soirees.  Word spread not of our tricks, but of the feeling we brought.  Guests, jaded by the same-old event formula, rediscovered childlike wonder. Suddenly,  we weren’t hired for what we did – but for the magic we made possible.

The Ambani wedding was, admittedly, a ‘pinch me’ moment.  We were approached as collaborators in crafting an experience that defied even the wildest expectations.

The Night the World Stopped and Stared

Picture this:  A palace courtyard transformed into an enchanted dreamscape. As Rihanna’s voice faded, our bespoke “Symphony of Illusions” began.  Bartenders became wizards; cocktails levitated amidst swirling lights. Close-up magic unfolded not on a stage, but between guests.  Julius Dein surprised laughter echoed against that of Bollywood royalty.

In that moment, there were no billionaires or pop stars, just people sharing an experience impossible to replicate. The Ambanis could have hired any act. They chose us because we didn’t just sell a service, we sold a feeling…one that lingers long after the last drink is poured.


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